Drama Editor JANET EHRLICH COLSON writes... Katrin Arefy’s one-act O Lubvi is an unusual yet all-too relatable “love” story about that spark, that connection, and laughing so hard it hurts at the absurdity of what is or isn’t meant to be. The humor and depth of feeling in the play are palpable along with the default mode of evasive laughter that playwright Katrin Arefy artfully pushes to the limit and beyond. The rhythms are fantastic; even after the laughter dies down – and it does – then it pops up again like that mythical creature that keeps regrowing its cut-off heads. But by then we’ve already turned the corner, edging into a darker, raspier, more dangerous territory. It’s that place where someone’s boundless proclamations of love can be overwhelming. Annoying. Laughable In this world and in this script, people are flawed. They can be mean. They’re beautiful and sad. They say one thing and mean another (omigod, Arefy’s subtext is a trip). But they keep coming back for more. Isn’t that what love’s about? Crushing hard on this play. You’ll see why.